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The Best Knowledge Base Software
Knowledge base software features

Key features in Knowledge Base software

Intuitive search engine functionality. 

An efficient and organised dashboard.

Markdown and Wysiwyg Editors 

It is versatile enough to be used for any type of documentation requirement.

A SaaS product which is ideal for both internal and external knowledge bases.

Branding capabilities.

SEO friendly.

Guidance on choosing the best Document Management Software for Startups and Corporations.

Analytics and Reports

Knowledge base analytics helps you understand how your employees or customers are consuming the content. A feature to evaluate contributors to the knowledge base will also help you improve your knowledge base.


Communication Suite

Knowledge base software comes as a stand-alone product and also as a module in a helpdesk or customer communication suite. So, you should decide on what fits your requirements. An exclusive document management system or a complete suite of communication tools..


Seamless go live experience

Some SaaS solutions are exclusively designed as an employee knowledge sharing platform, and some cater to customer knowledge bases. Whatever your requirements, ensure that the product matches them with all the features you expect. It should also be easy to get started and offer excellent customer support. 

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Knowledge base software

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