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Knowledge base software is a niche software segment which has been in demand in the recent years. The knowledge-base software market is poised to grow by approximately $3 billion by 2027. This is one of the reasons I created an exclusive news blog to feature knowledge base software and document management solutions offered by both enterprise IT organizations and SaaS startups.

What is Knowledge Base Software?

A knowledge base is an online repository of important information, policies, SOP and other data. It is well organized and can be self-served online by the end-users. The users could either be internal employees or customers who seek clarification or doubts about the products or services.

1.Freshdesk Knowledge Base Software

Freshdesk, the flagship product of Freshworks, has an amazing knowledge base software which comes along with the product. It helps you to avoid answering repetitive questions, reduce average ticket resolution times and also since it’s a self-service knowledge base, it works 24/7 for you by supporting your customers with the right resolution for their queries about the product.

Read more about Freshdesk features and pricing.

Video: Freshdesk Knowledge Base Software: Key feature review

2.Zoho Desk Knowledge base software

Zoho Desk is a customer service software that works across all channels. It’s essentially a helpdesk service that allows users to submit support tickets and have their questions answered. It aids in increasing customer service agent productivity, enabling customer loyalty, and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Zoho Desk has features such as workflow automation, the ability to create custom capabilities through REST APIs, and a self-service knowledge base.

Zoho Desk Video: Help desk basics: 5 simple things to do in your first session within Zoho Desk.

Freshdesk and Zohodesk both provide knowledge base software as an add-on to their helpdesk software products, respectively. You should also look into SaaS companies that specialize in exclusive knowledge base tools.

*I just launched this website. Kindly give me a month’s time to review other Knowledge base software products.

Knowledge management software use cases.

Knowledge management software is used by professionals, technical writers, developers and founders in various sectors.

This includes

1.Banking, Financial and Insurance Industry.

2.IT organizations.

3.SaaS companies.

4.Educational Institutions: Universities and Colleges.

5.The manufacturing industry

6.Government and the defence industry.

7.Pharmaceutical sector

Knowledge Base Software Vendors

Key players in the knowledge base software segment

The following vendors are key players in the knowledge base software and Document management solution segment.







Freshdesk Knowledge base (Module)

Zoho Wiki

Atlassian Confluence: Knowledge base

ProProfs Knowledge Base

Axero – Knowledge Management Software


Drift Help

Zenkit Hybernotes

Hubspot Knowledge base

GetGuru: Knowledge sharing software

Stackoverflow for Teams

Slab: Knowledge sharing software


Livepro: Customer experience knowledge management

Archbee: Documentation tool for team and product.

Tribe Community Platform

Lessonly Knowledge


Why is a knowledge base software important for your business?

Knowledge bases are an essential component of a company’s documentation, and technical writers frequently utilize knowledge base software products to generate and organize documents, company policies, standard operating procedures, and so on. They provide information about how to use the product, what is possible and what is not, and how certain processes work.

With the help knowledge bases, engineers don’t have to dig through documentation or call customer service just to find out if their specific question has already been answered. A knowledge base is a document management system that stores all the knowledge about a product or process in one easy to access place. It can be used as a technical writing tool for both internal and external purposes.

Software Product Guide

I will be writing a review of these knowledge-base software solutions in the weeks to come. Write to me to feature your SaaS product or to get guidance on choosing the right knowledge base software.

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